Loans & Advances

Loans & Advances

1) Farm Loan:- Farm Mechanization: Tractor, Second Hand Tractor, Power Tiller, Combined Harvester, Self Propelled Paddy Reaper, Seed cum Fertilizer Drill, Rotavator, Tractor drawn Axial Flow Thresher, Power Tiller Drawn Axial Flow Thrasher, Automatic Potato Planter, Zero Till Drill (Tractor Mounted), Strip Till Drill (Tractor Mounted), Rotary Till Drill (Tractor mounted), Bed Planter (Tractor mounted)

Minor Irrigation: Various types of Pump Set, Submersible Pump Set, Shallow Tube Well, Deep Tube Well, Dug Well, Drip Irrigation, Sprinkler Irrigation, Rain Water Harvesting

Animal Resources Development: Dairy, Fishery – Pisciculture, Fishery – Aquaculture, Fishery -Ornamental, Fishery, Poultry, Goat Rearing, Cattle Rearing, Sheep Rearing, Duck Rearing, Pig Rearing, Rabbit Rearing, Beekeeping and Honey Making, Sericulture, Feed and Fodder Production, Bio Fertilizer Production

Land Purchase for landless people for agricultural purpose only

Land Development: Land Leveling and Shaping, Bench Terracing in sloppy regions, Tank Slit application for improving the soil productivity (Desilting Tank), Vermi-Compost Tank, NADEP Compost Tank, Farm Pond, Construction of Masonry Dug Well

Rural Godown

Agro Processing Unit


Soil Testing Laboratory

Alternative Energy Resource: Solar Energy Unit, Bio Fuel Unit

Horticulture: Fruit Cultivation, Vegetable Cultivation (Olericulture), Floriculture, Orchid Gardening, Plantation, Medicinal & Aromatic Plants, Mushroom Cultivation, Spices Cultivation, Ornamental Gardening, Landscape Gardening, Nursery Plant Production/ Plant propagation, Poly-house, Fruits & Veg. Preservation

Farm Forestry

Cold Storage

2) Non Farm Loan:- Micro, Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (MSME): Any type of Manufacturing Unit, Food Processing Unit, Spice Processing Unit, Fruits and Vegetables Storage Unit, Rice Mill, Paddy to Rice Conversion Unit, Diversified Jute Product Units, Barber Shop and Beauty Parlour, Brass Metal Products Unit, Pottery Unit, Fashion Jewellery Unit, Handicrafts Product Unit, Bamboo and Cane Product Unit, Tailoring and Garment Making Unit, Handloom Manufacturing Unit, Wooden Furniture Unit, Sweet Making Unit, Manufacturing of Wooden Boats, Shola Product Unit, Iron Product manufacturing Unit, Restaurants & Dhaba, Hotel and Guest House

Small Road Transport Operators (SRTO)

3) Rural Housing:- Purchase of Residential Flat and House, Repair and Renovation of Existing House, Commercial Housing Project, Market Complex, Home Stay, Purchase of Land with Building, Purchase of HB Loan in Other Banks

4) Personal Loan :- To be provided to salary earners only, for expenses against marriage, education of children, social rituals, emergency medical treatment etc for which refinance is not available.

5) Loan against NSC/ KVP/ FD of PCARDB/ THE WBSCARDB Ltd. & Surrender Value of LIC Policies

6) Educational Loan :- Under NABARD Refinance

7) Swarojgar Credit Card Yojana (SCCY) :– Grocery Shop, House Rent

Swarojgar Credit Card Yojona Scheme (SCCY) was introduced by NABARD in September 2003 for ensuring regular and hassle-free credit to the people of limited means.

SCCY Scheme aims at providing adequate and timely credit both Block and Working Capital to small artisans, handloom weavers, service sector, Fishermen, self-employed persons, Rickshaw /Auto -Rickshaw pullers and other micro-entrepreneurs.

Quantum of Limit:
Upto Rs. 25,000/- per borrower as composite loan. However, this is indicative. The Bank may consider higher limit upto Rs.1.00 lakh based on the merit of the case. The total limit to be allowed by the bank should have relationship with the projected net earnings and the repayment capacity of the borrower.

The SCCY Scheme is normally valid for five years subject to satisfactory operation of the account and renewable on a yearly basis after proper assessment of the performance.

Security / Margin / Rate of Interest:
25% of the credit limit to be sanctioned shall have to be kept as Collateral Security and Rs. 200/- per month per borrower of loan limit of Rs. 25,000/- to be placed in the Recurring Deposit Account as compulsory thrift. Higher amount of Recurring Deposit may be considered if the loan limit is more than Rs. 50,000/- and above.

8) Loan to Self-Help Groups :- Groups formed by PCARDBs and Branches of the WBSCARDB Ltd. under NABARD & Cooperation Department guidelines and NRLM compliant groups formed by other recognised agencies/ departments.

Since the 1980s, India has invested significantly in Self-Help Groups (SHGs) and other women’s groups to improve gender equality and women’s empowerment. Most prominently, the National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM) aims to mobilize 70 million households into SHGs. Economic SHGs start with an initial period, typically six months, of women saving collectively to facilitate intergroup lending. After that, SHG members can gradually take larger loans from bank.

The groups should be formed by the persons residing within the area of operation of the concerned branches of The WBSCARDB Ltd. / PCARDB.

Eligibility Criteria for SHGs to avail loan
SHG should be in active existence at least since the last 6 months as per the books of account of SHGs and not from the date of opening of S/B account. Persons already getting loans from any cooperative credit institution or from other sources will not be eligible to get loan for the same purpose as a group member.

Loan amount:
SHGs can avail either Term Loan (TL) or a Cash Credit Limit (CCL) loan or both based on the need. The amount of credit should be as follows:

  • First Dose: Not exceeding 4 times of the deposit balance of the Group.
  • Subsequent Dose: 6 times of the deposit balance of the Group.

However, if the requirement of loan of any member of a group goes beyond Rs. 1.00 Lakh, the person concerned should be shifted from the group mode of lending to the formal mode of lending followed in case of individual loans.

Rate of interest to be charged for the loans granted to SHG by the bank
Rate of interest from PCARDBs/Branches WBSCARDB Ltd. to the SHGs shall be circulated from time to time by the WBSCARD Bank Ltd.

Interest Subsidy:- Interest Subsidy received from WBSSP portal ( @9% on half-yearly basis as claim received from different PCARDBs and Branches. Thus effective interest rate of individual SHG borrowers stands at @2%.

9) Individual Working Capital Loan (Farm & Non- Farm) exclusively from Deposit section

SL. Notice
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